Curriculum Corner*


Fountas and Pinnell

Fountas and Pinnell is a program focused on fostering a love of reading in all students. Through whole group, small group, and independent learning opportunities students will be strengthening their comprehension skills by digging deeper into books, investigating new ideas, and challenging themsevles through novel studies, book clubs, shared reading, read alouds, etc. 

Fountas and Pinnell also provides whole and small group instruction on the following foundational skills; phonemic awareness, phonics, high frequency words, vocabulary, spelling, fluency, and comprehension.

Empowering Writers


“Don’t think too much about what you’re going to write, just let your pencil dance across the paper…”


Using the Empowering Writers Curriculum, students will learn about narrative, expository and persuasive writing instruction through the Empowering Writers research based-methodology. The methodology uses explicit lessons, teacher modeling, guided practice and application. 


We are using the Scott Foresman Envisions Math 2.0 Program.  This program is aligned with the common core standards and has many components that meet the needs of auditory, visual, and hands-on learners. It has a fabulous online component that allows the students to manipulate the smart board each day as they solve their math problems! As well as access to homework help at home, extra math practice, lesson videos and more.


*Don't forget to practice your math facts and skills by logging on to IXL or any of the other wonderful websites located on the Useful Links page! 



Students have Social Studies with me twice a week for 30 minutes. These lessons will be based out of the Regions and Social Studies Alive texts. The children will be reviewing and learning about map skills, geographic terminology, and the five regions of the United States.

Students have Science with Ms. Shruhan twice a week for 30 minutes. These lessons will be based out of the Silver Burdett Discovery Works program. The students will be experimenting and learning about plants, animals. and properties of matter, weather, and climate.