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 Have fun while learning important math skills! Apps available too!
 Assortment of math challenges, that are from real every day situations;  involving the need to solve a problem by using your math skills.
 This site compliments exactly the important skills being taught in our third  grade Pearson math program. Each child has been assigned a username and  password (as a subscription was purchased on your child's behalf by the  school) to encourage math skills practice. The goal is a minimum of 4, 15  minute sessions per week. I will receive a weekly report of your child's  practice (time and skills practiced). A truly wonderful site!
Kids Numbers
 Fantastic site for math practice!!! Parents (if you wish) can make worksheets  too at home for additional practice for your child. It is so important for your  child to master their basic facts and to develop a lifelong love of math, this is  the site for you.