Teaching Philosophy

Ms. Harris's Philosophy on Teaching and Learning 

  My personal belief is that all children are unique individuals who possess their own personality, emotions, abilities, strengths, and learning style. Each child deserves a nurturing, supportive,intellectually stimulating, and flexible environment to blossom, learn,and thrive in.

  The childrens' growth, as I envision it; needs to occur in three key areas:emotional, intellectual, and social.  Therefore, my goal is to cultivate an atmosphere amongst the children in which we become a school family;whereby we respect, and care for one another. This will allow for all members to feel secure and flourish; where the children can feel safe to make mistakes, and take risks in their learning.

  I feel privileged to work with your child, and with your family. I look forward to working together as a team, in a home/school partnership. Each and every day, I choose to make it a happy, and rewarding one for us all! I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!