Reading Street, Units 1-3

Reading Street

***Below are some helpful links that compliment each unit of study.

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reading street

Unit 1, Dollars and Sense

This is a great site for children to explore and learn about how money is made.  Also, there are several interactive learning games that teach student many interesting and important facts about money.

Unit 2, Smart Solutions

A wonderful site, full of pictures, that lets you see emperor penguins in their environment. Also, an article full of many interesting facts too!  Enjoy!

National Geographic for kids! This is a terrific site to explore, scroll down to the bottom of this site's page to see great videos of penguins and Antarctica!

Unit 3, People and Nature

Go to Sea World without leaving your home! You will learn about a beluga whale's habitat, how it communicates, its very social behavior, and more. Fantastic pictures!

Belugas swimming! A joy to watch them.