Reading Street, Units 4-6

Reading Street

***Welcome to Units 4-6, to visit another site, simply "click-on" the link and enjoy!

reading street

Unit 4, One of a Kind

Hi students, you will enjoy looking through this site if you love looking at beautiful or unusual rocks, are thinking of becoming a gem and mineralogy collector, or already have begun your collection. Have fun!

one of a kind

An elementary friendly site to learn about
volcanoes and other
fascinating weather facts.


Curious about our world? Do you want to learn more about places like
Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, or the Great Barrier Reef?  

Discover "why" earthquakes occur, how deep the oceans can reach,
or how tall the highest mountains in the world actually are.  
You are just a click away from being a world explorer!

Earth Search.png

Unit 5, Cultures of Our World-Multiculturalism

People Holding Hands Around The World.png

Students and parents will enjoy the separate page created of
over 204 suggested great books from Goodreads
, about multiculturalism.
*Look under Reading Street 4-6, above top left corner. 

The above link will take students to learn all about countries and places of our world. Enjoy your exploration.

Students will have fun with interactive games, while learning about geography!

Unit 6-The Meaning of Freedom

Fourth Of July.png

Want to learn about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island?
The above link will take you right there, to our National Park.
Live webcams with views from the torch! Tons and tons of pictures! 
Enjoy your virtual trip!

Red Fireworks With Blue Stars.png

Celebrate, when you become an official webranger!
Learn all about our country's historic parks and historic sites!
Earn rewards, awards, and knowledge as you interact with this special game site.

How About We Visit the Statue of Liberty?

Explore Our Country's Famous Landmarks

Oh what fun you'll have and never have to leave your home! Imagine visiting Paul Revere's home, Hoover Dam, Everglades National Park, the Alamo, Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell, and the White House too!

You are just a click away when you visit the above link;
have fun being a tourist and visit your beautiful country.

Government Building Icon.png

Be Creative and Enjoy the Fine Arts!

Art Class.png

Did you know that our ability to express ourself creatively
through art is a freedom we have here in the United States?
Enjoy visiting the following pages:
Eric Carle, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, and Seussville!

Musical Notes.png

Music too, is a freedom we have to express ourself creatively.
The site below will take you to over 50 music sites; some are interactive 
and will allow you to create your own music, others will teach you the history
of music and music theory, yet others will teach you about every type of
instrument that you could learn to play in a band, or an orchestra!  
Also, there are sites about a very important instrument; 
which is how your musical singing voice works.