All About Room A204

How We Learn and Work Together in Room A204!



Classroom Rules

In order to provide the children with the excellent educationalenvironment they deserve, we have developed the following ClassroomRules that will be in effect at all times:

1. We care about and respect ourselves, others and our school.
2. We keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
3. We help each other.
4. We encourage each other and their thinking.
5. We keep our classroom clean and safe.


Classroom Behavior Plan

How Am I Doing Today?

There is a behavior plan in place for all children in our classroom called “How am I doing today?” This behavior plan helps track the students’ behavior in a clear and constructive way. The behavior system is based around four colored cards. The children will all start the day on a GREEN card, which means, “Your Behavior is Marvelous!” Those who do not behave appropriately throughout the school day will be asked to turn acard. The cards are as follows:

GREEN – Your Behavior is Marvelous

YELLOW – Stop and Think (this gives students an opportunity to change their behavior)

ORANGE - Lose a Privilege (students could lose part of their choice time, free time, or recess)

RED – Note or Call Home

The classroom rules and behavior plan will be clearly stated and displayed in the classroom to provide a safe environment that promotes time on task for teaching and learning.

Classroom Rewards and Incentives

Gem Jar

When the class is "caught doing something good" and is complimented by another teacher, administrator, or me for their model behavior they will be positively rewarded by placing a gem into our class compliment jar. When they have filled the "gem jar" the students will get to vote on their class prize such as; extra recess, pajama day, read-in, movie,etc.

Mystery People

Each day I will tell the students that I am going to be looking for mystery people. These mystery people will be showing me stellar behavior by listening attentively, working efficiently, showing kindness to others,and following known class rules, routines, and expectations without reminders. The students never know who the Mystery Person is or if I am watching their behavior, actions, and choices. This mystery model motivates the children to maintain a positive, hard working attitude throughout the day. When a child receives a Mystery Person card they can put it into the "Mystery Bin" and get the chance to have their name pulled from the bin giving them the opportunity to pick a reward from the prize bucket at the end of each week.

Chance Cards

The students can also earn "Chance Cards" when they are following the classroom rules, showing model behavior, participating, answering questions,or showing kindness to others The children can collect these "Chance Cards" put them in the "Chance Bin," and get the "CHANCE" to have their name pulled from the bin giving them the opportunity to pick a reward from the prize bucket at the end of each week. 

The Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

I Do, We Do, You Do!

Throughout many of our daily lessons I follow the gradual release of responsibility model. 

This model is as follows ~