Making the Subject Switch!

Making the Subject Switch

Making the Subject Switch!


I am very excited to be working with your child this year! In addition to me, your child will also be working with and learning from Ms. Shruhan. Your child may have had the chance to switch classes last year for different subjects. But for many others, fourth grade is the first year they begin switching classes. This is a wonderful process that comes with new learning opportunities and responsibilities.

By switching classes, the students not only get the opportunity to meet and learn from a new teacher but are held accountable for having their materials ready, completing their class work and studying for assessments. This is to prepare the students for switching classes in fifth grade and more importantly to get them ready for the big move across the street to sixth grade!

This year, your child will be switching for Science and Social Studies. The switching schedule is as follows:



Your child will have two half-hour Science blocks with Ms. Shruhan. Ms. Shruhan’s lessons will be based out of the Silver Burdett Discovery Works program. The student’s will be experimenting and learning about plants and animals along with properties of matter, weather, and climate.


earthSocial Studies

Your child will have Social Studies with me for 30 minutes twice a week. My lessons will be based out of the Regions and Social Studies Alive Texts. The children will be reviewing and learning about map skills, geographic terminology, and the five regions of the United States.