Weekly Homework

I will
homeworkput all assignments, test dates, and other important information for the week both here and up on the classroom “Homework Board.” Your child will be responsible for writing their homework down in their agenda book and gathering their assignments. Homework will always be due back the following morning unless a particular date is specified. Along with your child's nightly homework, they will also be responsible for reading at least an hour each week. They will need to record this information on their reading log, have you sign off on it, and return it to school every Monday.  

*If your child forgets to collect their homework check the Classroom Downloads page as you will be able to print out several of the assignments from there. Also, please see the Homework Contract, located on the Classroom Downloads page as well, for any other homework related questions.

Carnival Game Project

Carnival Game Project


Carnival Game Project

Carnival Game Project



***Remember on your literacy homework your Friday and Bonus entry boxes are both extra credit! You can earn up to 3 chance cards if you complete them!!