Monthly Book Reports

Monthly Book Reports

 In an effort to not only promote literacy but to help encourage, instill and develop a strong love of reading, your child will participate in a Monthly Book Report Project!

   At the beginning of each month, students will receive an assignment on what that month’s specific report entails. If a month is not listed(December and June) that means there is no monthly report due. During these months the students will be working on an in-class novel study.

     In order to broaden your child's knowledge of literature, they will have the opportunity to read a fiction, non-fiction, biography, Newbery Medal winningbook, and classic book! Your child will not only chose a book that sparks their interest but will be responsible for choosing a book at their independent reading level and get it approved by me as well.

    Each month has a different topic and different assignment! There are times when students will be writing a report, making a diorama,creating a brochure, or doing a novel study.

     For most months this is a home project. However, students will have the opportunity to choose their books at our school library, read their books during DEAR time, and if time allows, work on parts of the project during our literacy block. I will give specific due dates for each report as I assign them.

    I encourage the students to start the book report early in the month and not wait until the night before it is due. Waiting until the last minute only causes stress for both the student and parent. Students may turn in the book report early! All assignments will be handed out at the beginning of each month but if you misplace the report, need an extra copy, or want to get a head start, all assignments can also be found and downloaded below.

If you have any questions about the book report, please don’t hesitate to contact me.