Pen Pal Project
pen pal projectThe Pen Pal Project!

When was the last time you sent or received a letter?!pen pal project

It is quite clear that Harry Potter is thrilled to be receiving his mail. Do you get excited to get yours?!

I love walking out to the mailbox each day to see if I've received a letter from someone. Maybe a postcard from Mrs. Goff off on one of her national park adventures or a note from my Auntie Sue in Maine or Grandma in Hawaii. Unfortunately, all I usually find are magazines and bills. I look forward to birthdays and holidays when I know an interesting card will be waiting for me!

Though when I check my e-mail, hearing that familiar whimsical chime, I know I've got mail. Through the wonders of technology we now have so many ways to communicate with each other quickly and easily. Due to this,letter writing has become a thing of the past yet these writing skills are still important to know.

This year you have the exciting opportunity to strengthen your writing skills and be a part of our Fourth Grade Pen Pal Project! A long-term project like writing to a pen pal is an excellent way to engage students in the writing process. You will improve your writing and penmanship as you create interesting and informative letters and further develop a relationship through correspondence. Using real paper, stamps, and envelopes you can work on these skills in a genuine way.

I am incredibly excited because we will be pairing up with Ms. Abreau, an incredible fifth grade teacher, from the Ahern Middle School in Foxboro, MA. You will receive a pen pal from Ms. Abreau's class and be writing to them on a regular basis. Your pen pal will not only be your writing partner and friend but a fifth grade mentor as well! I can't wait to start this project with you!
pen pal project