Celebrate Reading ~ Book News and Quotes

dr.suess Books Fall Open and YOU Fall In!

Take a moment to see how we are celebrating reading in our classroom through read alouds

and book clubs!

*Also don't forget to take a look at just some of my favorite book quotes!


Read Aloud and Book Club

Read Aloud

I like to start each new school year off with one of my favorite books, Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren! 


Book Description ~ "'Who will challenge Mighty Adolf, the World's Strongest Man, in a wrestling match?' cries the ringmaster.

Who else but Pippi? She lifts him high in the air and carries him around the ring, to the delight of all the children at the circus.

But then everything about Pippi is strange and wonderful and funny...whether she's teaching two burglars to dance or murdering arithmetic in her one wild day at school.

Hold on to your hat - and your sides. Here comes Pippi Longstocking!

Book Club

Favorite Quotes!