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I am thrilled to announce that we will be having our first ever fourth grade Reading Fair! One of my goals each year as a teacher is to develop, build upon, and inspire a lifelong love of reading in all of my students! I have always been an avid reader and love diving into a new book, getting lost in the chapters, feeling as if I know the characters and am a part of the story. Through our classroom read-alouds, book clubs, and literature circles I try to share my excitement and enthusiasm with the class by introducing them to many different novels, series, and genres. We have read books this year ranging from Pippi Longstocking, to The Mysterious Benedict Society, to Savvy, to Harry Potter and now onto The Series of Unfortunate Events along with many more.

harry-potter.jpgWith each new story we’ve read I’ve noticed the students have become more eager and engaged in the characters, discussing the story, pulling out key details, making predictions about will happen next, and begging me to read more when a chapter ends. I’ve also noticed the students making wonderful book choices at the library or during DEAR time. They are choosing to read the next book in a series we may have finished during read-aloud, challenging themselves with a higher level text, or finding and honing in on the genre of books that really interest them. Throughout the day I no longer have to remind students of what they can do if they finish their work early because they are eagerly reaching for their books. This year I’ve even had a few students share some of their favorite book choices with me that I’ve been able to take out of the library and enjoy myself! This is exactly the kind of love of reading I always hope to achieve and want to take hold of their excitement and run with it!

As I said when we started the monthly book reports, I want to continue encouraging, instilling and developing your child’s love of reading and what better way to do that than with a Reading Fair! The reading fair project will be very similar to the March Monthly book report except the students will be creating a tri-fold project board instead of cereal box. Below is the link to the informational packet with the specific steps to complete the project as well as a planning sheet.

‚ÄčFourth Grade - 2015-2016 - Reading Fair Project.docx

Fourth Grade - 2015-2016 - Reading Fair Trifold Fiction Rubric.docx

Fourth Grade - 2015-2016 - Reading Fair Trifold Non Fiction Rubric.docx

Fourth Grade - 2015-2016 - Reading Fair Posterboard Example Pictures.docx

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