The 2013 STEM Summit

The 2013 STEM Summit

Jordan/Jackson community members at the STEM summit


Braedon C., Jacob K., Melissa S.,Emma G., Ali S., Ashley M., and Jack H


Mr. Cote, Ms. Freedman, and Ms. Podesky

The STEM Resource Room                                  Inventors Hard at Work

Students Love STEM!                                           Critical and Creative Problem Solvers

Explaining Einstein and the Relativity of Bees

Report from Mr. Robert Cote and Ms. Rayna Freedman’s students on the experience of participating in the Mass. STEM Summit in the Exhibitor’s Resource Room at Gillette Stadium at Patriot’s Place on Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today we learned a lot about science, technology, engineering, and math. For science we learned about a wheel and it had a lot of science questions and answers to the questions. For example one of the questions were” what three jobs do the tentacles of an octopus have”? The answers are feeling, grabbing, and protecting. Some of the things we also learned were that if you have just a washer alone, it will sink, but if it is in an egg, it will float. This works because when it is in the egg the weight is spread out. For breast cancer there was a person that figured out how to predict when someone was going to have cancer. Some kids from Plainville public schools that made up a bumble bee robot that moves around a mat.

  For technology we learned about robots. There was this group of people that had robots and they could pick up objects such as small and large blue and red balls. After they picked something up they could drop it. Also there was something that was called i4class. It was a new way for students and teachers to communicate with each other and help students understand the material. It works by kids going on an Ipad and submitting answers to problems teachers give. They show their work and teachers can see how they are doing, if a kid needs help they can look at videos to help them.

  Also for engineering we learned about something called “Flying saves lives”. First and foremost, powered flight began as an adventure. An interesting fact is in the 20th century flying had became more stable, routine, and safe for all the people flying. We also learned that someone came up with a robotic arm to replace someone’s arm bones. It helps for all the people who don’t have an arm and needs one to be able to do things that normal people do.

   What we learned about in the math topic was  in  the Plainville school table we learned that during the 5th grade bridge project was that depending on how you set up your bridge helps you figure out if it is stable or not. During that same time the first graders were making ‘TEDDY BEAR CHAIRS!”What they did was they (like the fifth graders) they relied on the support of the toothpicks and gumdrops to help keep it up.

  With STEM we learned a lot in this fantastic, stupendous experience!!!!!!:)JJJJJJ

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